Super Easy & Healthy Kids’ Snack


I love finding new snack recipes for my kids. But the thing is – they have to be easy and I have to be 98% sure my kids are going to eat them. Because if I invest my time into making banana tortilla ‘sushi’ rolls, they sure as heck better […]

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Healthy Zucchini Loaf


I know it’s not supposed to be, but sometimes – food is comfort. Sometimes, food is love. Food can bring back good memories and make us think of happy things. When my kitchen is warm and filled with scents of baking raisins, I’m immediately brought back to my childhood and the […]

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Crispy Pita Chips


I’m admittedly more of a sweets than a savory gal. Which is why I tend to mostly bake muffins and loaves for the kids – whether they like it or not. (I’m sure they’d be just fine with me throwing a bag of cookies at them and calling it a […]

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Baked Oatmeal Apples


Sometimes, you just need a little comfort food. I don’t know about you – but apple crumble and apple pie are one of those warm, gooey, delicious treats that I could pretty much eat any time. And since I’m getting a bit sick on Halloween candy (zero willpower + 3 bags […]

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Pineapple Carrot Whole Wheat Mini-Muffins


I’ve been looking for something new to bake that I can throw into lunches and my kids will happily eat. Dee, my friend with three little rug-rats as well, sent me her take on this recipe. (I changed it around based on what I had in my cupboard). But the […]

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Packaged Foods I Feel Pretty Good About


At my kids’ school, each classroom has something called a “Healthy Snack Bin”. The idea is that if there’s a kid who doesn’t have enough food for lunch, or if they’re still hungry after eating what they’ve been given, they can supplement with a snack from the bin. I’ve just […]

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Why Can’t Every Day Be Pizza Day?


Today is pizza day at my kids’ school. Can I just pause for a moment to get an amen for pizza day? It may not be the most nutritionally-sound lunch, but it means there’s a little less for me to pack. Plus, I threw in a pear, some veggies and […]

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Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


I can’t stop eating these. It might be because it’s fall and as soon as the air starts to cool, I get into baking/nesting/eating mode. It could be because these are amazingly delicious. Who knows? All I’m certain of is that these are really good – and they’re another treat I’m […]

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Featured School Lunch: Dads Making Lunches!


My friend Brad sent me an email with the subject line: “Dads make lunches too!” and this lovely pic. I love Brad and Dee – they’re fellow parents of 3 wee ones who also have a slight obsession with school lunches. Here’s what their kids are getting today: Turkey rolls on […]

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My Auntie’s BEST EVER Stuffing Recipe

Last Thanksgiving, my Aunt Doreen made THE best stuffing I’ve ever tasted. It was light and delicious and different from the usual, traditional stuffings I had ever had. It also didn’t result in massive heartburn, which is a major win when you’re starting to get older. (Side note: I haven’t […]

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