Hi! I’m Heather. Welcome to Little Humans Eating Healthy.

This blog is all about sharing healthy food ideas for kids. I’ve got three little gals and ever since having them, I’ve become very passionate about parenting and about making sure they’re getting pretty decent food in their little bodies to help them grow and be strong and feel good.

My oldest is a sensitive kid. She doesn’t like certain textures of foods. She’s pretty picky. And her mood and temper are both strongly affected by her food choices. I realized early on that saying “You eat this or you don’t eat” wouldn’t really work with her – and it was a fight I just didn’t want to have day in and day out.

So I started finding ways to get her to eat mostly healthy foods and avoid highly processed food. And that’s where this blog came from! It’s here to share ideas, tips, thoughts and more.

I’m not an expert – but I am a mom of three and a writer. These posts are all about the things we eat and make in our family. It’s what works for us – and hopefully it’ll help you as well!

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Now let’s get those food ideas flowing!