Why Can’t Every Day Be Pizza Day?


Today is pizza day at my kids’ school. Can I just pause for a moment to get an amen for pizza day?

It may not be the most nutritionally-sound lunch, but it means there’s a little less for me to pack. Plus, I threw in a pear, some veggies and pan-fried chickpeas to ensure my kids are getting some kind of nutrients into them today. Hurrah for avoiding scurvy!

But anyway – I don’t care what anyone has to say about pizza. You. Don’t. Mess. With. Pizza. It’s much-loved in our house. Always will be. Unfortunately, pizza day is only one day a week at school. And even though it’s only October, I’m running out of lunch ideas already. (It’s going to be a long year…)

Thank goodness for some new lunch inspiration from my friends Brad and Dee. They make lovely looking lunches, don’t they?

Here’s how they helped their kids avoid scurvy today:

  • Egg roll ups – Which is basically scrambled eggs with shredded cheddar, some sliced chicken and guacamole on top, rolled up into a tortilla and cut up like sushi. Yum!
  • Carrots, cucs and bell pepper slices
  • Apples, grapes and kiwi
  • Homemade granola over plain yogurt
  • Veggie chips

Now I’m hungry.

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