Packaged Foods I Feel Pretty Good About


At my kids’ school, each classroom has something called a “Healthy Snack Bin”. The idea is that if there’s a kid who doesn’t have enough food for lunch, or if they’re still hungry after eating what they’ve been given, they can supplement with a snack from the bin. I’ve just […]

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Why Can’t Every Day Be Pizza Day?


Today is pizza day at my kids’ school. Can I just pause for a moment to get an amen for pizza day? It may not be the most nutritionally-sound lunch, but it means there’s a little less for me to pack. Plus, I threw in a pear, some veggies and […]

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Featured School Lunch: Dads Making Lunches!


My friend Brad sent me an email with the subject line: “Dads make lunches too!” and this lovely pic. I love Brad and Dee – they’re fellow parents of 3 wee ones who also have a slight obsession with school lunches. Here’s what their kids are getting today: Turkey rolls on […]

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7 Lunch Foods That Freeze Well

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Some days, I look at my kids and think ‘My goodness, you are amazing little beings.’ Other days I look at them and think ‘You’re making me absolutely insane and I need to get you out of my hair. Fast.’ On those days, I just need to get them off to school […]

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My Kids’ Lunch: Hemp Meatballs & More

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This morning started out well. I woke up. Worked out. Got the endorphins going. The kids all woke up in a good mood. Then things took a turn for the worse. First, nobody would listen to me – which actually isn’t that out of the norm for a weekday morning. […]

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Dee’s School Lunches: A Master Class in Delicious


My friend Dee is just as obsessed as I am with her kids’ lunches. And, like me, she has three little ones to pack for. (Two school-aged, one who just loves to eat what his big brothers do!) She sent me this shot of their lunch today and I immediately […]

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My Kids’ Lunch: Brownies, Banana Bread & Blackberries

school lunch ideas

Today’s school lunch ideas are brought to you by the letter B. (I didn’t do this on purpose… Honestly. I’m not that coordinated). This past weekend was our first real ‘fall’ weekend. There was a bit of a chill in the air. We went apple picking as a family. So I […]

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My Kids’ Lunch: Grapes & Cheese & More


This day was clearly not my most creative. But sometimes you just have to go with what the kids want. My middle daughter picked this one out herself. Today’s lunch: Plain yogurt and raspberries Cheese string – my kids love the Kraft aMOOZa mozzarella kind Grapes (Yes, I still cut […]

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My Kids’ Lunch: Watermelon, Nectarines & More


I wish I could say my kids were more adventurous with their eating habits. But they’re not. So – as long as I can get a veggie or two, a fruit or two, some protein and a grain, I’m okay with it. We sort of live by the 80/20 rule […]

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My Kids’ Lunch: Yogurt & Chocolate Chips! A Treat!


Anna and Lauren love chocolate. And they come by it honestly. I could pass on anything savoury any day. But, give me chocolate and I’m a happy, happy gal. We started buying chocolate chips quite a while ago for special baked goods and now the girls are requesting them quite […]

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