Hemp Hearts Turkey Meatballs


My two-year old is a bit of a weirdo. All of the sudden, she will apparently only eat meat if it’s in a ball. And if we make normal-sized meatballs, she tries to cram the entire thing into her gullet, instead of taking bites. So the mini-meatball production has increased dramatically […]

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7 Lunch Foods That Freeze Well

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Some days, I look at my kids and think ‘My goodness, you are amazing little beings.’ Other days I look at them and think ‘You’re making me absolutely insane and I need to get you out of my hair. Fast.’ On those days, I just need to get them off to school […]

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Super Easy Honey Banana Bread


If there’s one thing the internet is not lacking, it’s banana bread recipes. There are tons and tons of them out there. But this one is by far the best that I’ve attempted to make because it’s super easy (which is key for me) and it’s healthy. There’s no white sugar, […]

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My Kids’ Lunch: Hemp Meatballs & More

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This morning started out well. I woke up. Worked out. Got the endorphins going. The kids all woke up in a good mood. Then things took a turn for the worse. First, nobody would listen to me – which actually isn’t that out of the norm for a weekday morning. […]

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Dee’s School Lunches: A Master Class in Delicious


My friend Dee is just as obsessed as I am with her kids’ lunches. And, like me, she has three little ones to pack for. (Two school-aged, one who just loves to eat what his big brothers do!) She sent me this shot of their lunch today and I immediately […]

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Oatmeal Raisin Waffles


Every single time we make these waffles and I bring them to work for lunch, someone makes a comment about how incredible they smell. Like warmth and goodness and holidays and delicious, delicious baking. In fact, they smell and taste like an oatmeal raisin cookie – but they’re healthy! (Have […]

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My Kids’ Lunch: Brownies, Banana Bread & Blackberries

school lunch ideas

Today’s school lunch ideas are brought to you by the letter B. (I didn’t do this on purpose… Honestly. I’m not that coordinated). This past weekend was our first real ‘fall’ weekend. There was a bit of a chill in the air. We went apple picking as a family. So I […]

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Healthier Pizza Pockets


If there’s one thing for certain in life, it’s that Fridays are made for pizza. We LOVE pizza in this house and I just don’t ever see that changing. Ordering out is always an easy way to get a yummy dinner, nice and fast. But sometimes, when we’ve still got […]

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Real Food & Really Delicious Apple Cheddar Biscuits


We went apple picking this weekend. (As all families in this area do in the fall.) $17 worth of apples later, we headed home. Since my kids don’t like pie (weirdos), I wanted to make something else apple-inspired that they would be sure to love. I came across this recipe […]

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Black Bean Brownies


I’ve been hearing a lot about Black Bean Brownies lately, so I decided I needed to try them out on my little taste-testers. “I don’t like black beans!!” my 6-year old immediately protested. “I have a feeling you’re going to like these. They’re chocolate.” Music to her ears. I recruited […]

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