Super Easy & Healthy Kids’ Snack


I love finding new snack recipes for my kids. But the thing is – they have to be easy and I have to be 98% sure my kids are going to eat them. Because if I invest my time into making banana tortilla ‘sushi’ rolls, they sure as heck better eat them.

When I came across this idea from Tasty Junior I was pretty sure it would go over well. My kids love apples. They would live on peanut butter if I let them. And they really love my home made granola. However – put them all together and you never know if they’re going to suddenly have some weird aversion to the mixing of tastes.

Turns out? They LOVED them! We went through 4 apples before I told them they would have to snack on something else if they were still hungry.

Here’s how you do it.


1-2 apples (depending on how many people you’re making snacks for)

Peanut butter (I use the 100% peanuts kind with no sugar added)

Granola (you can make this recipe quickly and easily)

Chocolate chips (these are optional – but in my house, they’re rarely optional)


Cut the apples up in round slices

Apple Snack 1

To get the centre core part out, I used the top of a cake-decorating/icing/piping nozzle thing

Spread the apples with peanut butter

Sprinkle granola on top and add chocolate chips

Apple Snack 2

Voila! Easy, delicious and the kids are getting fruit, protein, some good stuff like hemp and oatmeal from the granola – and it’s definitely kid-approved!


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